Friday, September 25, 2009

Manny PACYOU !!

With another hype Nike Air Trainer 1 Pacquiao - "Lights Out", you'll definitely need to camp out for these !
The line started yesterday night, probably 8-9PM ? Then it continued to grow.
I came there around 4:00AM and I was number 22. I thought I had a good chance of getting a pair, but here we go again with the similar FUCKING reason of the shipment being sent somewhere else ! Sheesh, 30 - 11 = 19 ! Now, where did the other 11 pairs went to ? They had a similar incident happened during May 5, 2009. They had 28 pairs of the first Pacquiao Trainer's, then 2 went missing !?!? Just wow...

Then by the time NSW opened, Chi McBride came through to pick-up his Light's Out and also give us a "trivia" question... If you answer the question right, you get a free pair of Pacquiao Light's Out. The question was:
"Who created the Air Max 1?" - Answer: Tinker Hatfield.
If you were a real "sneakerhead" you would know the history behind the Nike Air Max 1. A dude answered it right and will be getting his pair for free. (I missed out because I was distracted by Chi McBride's shoes ! Haha.)

Same people again.

Guess who was wearing these ?

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