Friday, July 30, 2010


Wow, it actually does get updated. I thought it's just random numbers, but it actually increasing.
Yeah, I always take a picture every time I head to NikeTown or Westfield Century City Mall.

This electric billboard is located in Santa Monica Blvd. and Veteran Ave.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Went along with Shoe Affliction to check out the Nike Factory Store in The Block at Orange.

For some reason, I was kinda overwhelmed at some shoes that I forgot to take pictures of the stock at the Nike Factory. Haha.

Then to Vans Skate Park. (No Pedo. Haha.)

Vans: OTW (Off The Wall) Collection:
- Larkin.

- Alomar.

Vans x Crayola Pack.

Carl's Jr. - Western Bacon Burger.

My free Dirty Knuckles pins finally came through the mail. Thanks Ace Knuckles!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Met up with Justin (who recently just moved from Hawaii to Carson for college). Decided to go to a couple of boutiques/shoe stores.

Showed him around Downtown Long Beach, where Proper, Seams, and Long Beach Fixed.

Then, headed out to Downtown LA in Little Tokyo for RIF-LA so Justin can get money for his Jordan V - Blk/Metallic.

Nike Dunk High Beautiful Loser.

1 of 1.

Manny and Murad were too busy moving shoe boxes here and there, then packing shoe boxes, and labeling them.


Stacks of shoe boxes/shoes everywhere!

Afterward, went to Wilmington for some carne asada fries because Justin wanted to try it.
Albertas Restaurant - one of the few places that I know that makes/sells the "hidden menu" or not - Carne Asada fries.

Carne Asada fries.

Thanks Jeff for the Luke Meier x Vans Syndicate shirt!


If you thought that doing tricks on a fixed gear or track bike was new, it's not.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yeah, crossing my fingers, but it'll be most likely to get scrapped because of copyright infringement. 99.9% getting scrapped and 0.01% being release.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the hunt of anything "Los Angeles" and especially in Black/White colorway.
Must be size 7-1/4 or possibly 7-3/8.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Carne asada burrito plate with rice and frijoles.

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue - Loco Moco.
Savory, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue® hamburger patties placed over rice, covered with brown gravy and topped with 2 eggs. Served island style…a local favorite!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nike Dunk High Premium SB - "USA Flag"

First of all, I really like how Nike SB created these shoes because of the denim and it's ripple effect. Unlike the Resn SB...

There are actual 50 stars on the flag. (Yeah, counted them. Haha.)
But it's kinda too "Americanized".

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ah! It's one of those Saturdays that you don't know what to do or where to go. So, I decided to go to the Archrival x Black Scale release party.

I hit up and hitched a ride with Juan and Kevin(nice meeting you by the way) and thanks to Juan's aunt for the ride.

Chillin' in front of RIF-LA.
The "random" picture.

The "pose for the camera" picture.

From left to right.
Kevin - starin' at something
Juan - starin' at something
Manny - starin' at something
Jeff is still in that "I don't give a fuck, I'm still working."
eDouche - starin' at something,(He is too cool for twitter)
Jaybee - ??? (check out his site -

A RIF-LA Pre-Party beer.

eDouche is Thurd from ILNOJ on Vimeo.

Closing time and eDouche is trying to point at something. ???

A sushi that was laced with wasabi and and 2 Asahi Beers.

Manny's posse.


The collab shirt.

Black Scale.

I must say, Archrival's shirts are pretty dope and the designs are on point, but then the pricing is a bit pricey.

For some reason, "Los Angeles" got blocked.

I don't know. Haha.

mannyFresh Being Himself from ILNOJ on Vimeo.

349 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone (213) 626-2230

mannyFresh's Reaction from ILNOJ on Vimeo.

"For Manny's viewing pleasure." Hahah.

Turn out was good day with the RIF-LA Staff and friends.