Monday, August 31, 2009


On September 3rd, Fairfax/Rosewood area would be full of campers because of the following stuff are dropping.
I'm guessing Supreme will get the most/longest line. Then whoever is top 30 in the Supreme line will go to The Hundreds, and possibly to Diamond.
OR another possibility, people in the back of the Supreme line will go to The Hundreds first, then to Supreme or Diamond.

Seriously though, why all 3 on the same fucking day !



The Hundreds




From: Nike Sportswear

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pick-Ups For Today

Earlier today, I was at Footlocker (House of Hoops) to pick-up the Nike Hyperize - Decades Pack, but only the Foamposites and the AM90-Infrareds.

Came home and then fell asleep. Woke up and checked the mail and got the new Sole Collector magazine - Nike Air Yeezy cover.
Then went to Mitsuwa to buy Japanese goodies.

Since it's a hot weather, picked up some Mochis. YUM !

Man, Mitsuwa is out of the Sapporo Milk Coffee, so I had to get this other brand... Tastes very similar, but not the price. This one cost more...

Supreme: F/W '09 Collection

Fuck it. I got tired of uploading lots of their pictures.

Our Fall/Winter collection will be available on Thursday September 3rd at our NY/LA stores and Saturday September 5th in Japan. The preview and random sections have been updated.

Our online shop will open on Thursday September 10th after 11am EST.

From: Supreme