Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shortest Line Ever

Well, yesterday, I went to Supreme to camp out for their new season clothing. I came around 3:something in the afternoon. There were about 7-8 people lined up already when I came there. I was very surprised that people came out this early. Then, around 4:00-Midnight, about 20-30 people showed up. I'm still very surprised that this is the shortest line ever for Supreme. Most of the people showed up every late. Around 11:30AM.
When I found out that they are only releasing a few, I quickly head down to The Hundreds for the hat. Most of the people really want the new Box Logo Hoody, but they didn't have it. Oh yeah, some people just simply cut the line...

Good thing, I left and sold my spot at Supreme. I didn't wanna go empty handed.

Both For Sale: Size 7-1/4 & 7-3/4

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