Thursday, September 2, 2010

SUPREME 9-02-10

I arrived in Supreme LA around 8:40ish A.M. There were about 15-20 (or possibly more) people in line.

I just hopped in the line because I saw a couple of my buddies in line. Haha.

I think this line was around 1:10ish P.M. (Yeah, there's still a line)

(From left to right)
- Blue & Black Rigid denim
- Chaos T-shirt
- Chantry T-shirt
- Quilted Wax Jacket
- SUPNY Pullover hoody
- Collegiate Crewneck (FOR SALE BY THE WAY)

Scorpion key chain and "Get off the FUCKING PHONE" buttons.

Picked up a Diamond Supply Co. - Yacht Club Pocket T-Shirt.

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