Saturday, September 18, 2010


Before me and Shoe Affliction went to Sneakers Are My Life Event, we head down to RIF-LA since it's around the corner/close by - might as well swing by!

The RIFSET. Haha.
Edwin, Bryant, and @Manny (You'll notice that Manny is almost in every picture in this post. Haha.)

Manny is still smiling.


@Derrick & @Kathleen were present too.

Do you see Manny?

This picture of @Jeff came out all cool and no, I did not edit this picture. It just came out like that.

Karl point and saying "I wanna be on your blog." Paula said, "Me too!"
And there's Manny again.

eDouche and Manny again!

I spy Manny.
More Manny more smiling.

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