Monday, September 20, 2010


After chilling at RIF-LA until after closing time, we headed down to The Local Tourist for the event.

RIF-LA in the building. Well, room. Haha.

@Franalations (

@Melloewon (@Brooklyn Projects Pasadena and Labels).

Afro Kix (Hassan) and @Will.

@Esco wearing the Sample Dirty Money Blazers.

@Will wearing the Kid Robot Air Max 1.

Afro Kix wearing the Entourage Air Force 1.

@Kasem wearing the Gold-Toe Quest Love Air Force 1.

Laune wearing a very clean pair of White/Cement IV's.

Nell wearing the burgundy Parra Air Max 1.

@Manny wearing some Visvims (Need to know/learn the names of Visvim. Haha.) and @Juan wearing Playoff XII's.

@Derrick wearing the Lights Out Trainer 1's.

Tacos El Gallito - find them on Facebook!

Free tacos! Very delicious!

"Life Takers & Heart Breakers"

Shoe circle/star - @Robert, @Bianca, @Esco, and @Antoine.

Shoe Affliction - clean Royal 1's.

The introductions and interviews.

A couple of questions after... @Ward, Afro Kix, @Esco, and @Franalations.

@Ward, Afro Kix, @Esco, and @Franalations.

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