Friday, August 6, 2010


Right after House of Hoops, headed out to the grand opening of Nike Santa Monica because we heard that there's about 150 or more pairs of ZKV - Big Stages.

Nike Store.
315 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA, 90401

Just in time when the Nike employee was handing out raffle tickets.

My first number.

Yeah, it was crowded out there because it was also the re-grand opening of the Santa Monica Mall.

Spotted Moises or who plays as Rico in Hannah Montana

Moises was with the guy who plays Jackson in Hannah Montana.

News vans were there too.


She's tweeting.

I think my friends and I had this "pass the luck" thing. Like one of us will have 2-3 tickets and one of us wins, they hand the ticket (that hadn't been called yet) to another person.
My second raffle ticket.

Iz of 21_mercer - Bespoke Design consultant was there. At first glance, I was like no, that's not him until I looked at his shoes.

After that hectic day, me and got In-N-Out as our brunch.

Picked up - EA Sports x Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid - "Tim Tebow"

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