Saturday, August 21, 2010


Arrived at the venue around 9:30ish AM and the event doesn't even start at 11AM!!

The venue is super creepy and it's on the 3rd floor!! The area is super hot.

Oh yeah, the event started really slow!! Most of the people just started coming in around 2PM and by 3PM vendor's started leaving.

@ShoeAffliction's table.

@Manny, @Juan, and @Jorge reppin' RIF-LA's table.

Peep Manny cheesing it. Haha.

@Allion's Table.

@Franalations's table.

Nike Zoom Kobe V - "Throw It Down Shannon Brown" Promo Sample.

@Esco, @MissLuna5, and Nell's table.

Nike Air Max 1 -

Nike Dunk Mid Sb - "Dirty Money" (Only available in Brazil)

Undefeated x Chucks - "You Can't Beat LA"

Air Jordan XIII - "BIN 23's"


Live Evil.

I don't know...

80's Baby.

I don't know...


Supposedly, the person who owns them got them somewhere and told me that he was "lucky enough to get it in his size."

(The story sounds fishy and IMO they look fake. I don't have a good eye/trained eye for Lebron's, but the inside tag threw me off. For the 2010 Nike shoes and so on, they use a new/different Nike size tag.)


I don't know...


@Juan - "How come nobody is buying shoes?"
Peep @Manny sleeping. Haha.

@Jorge - "Hey Jonli, I wanna be on your blog so I can be famous like Manny."
So, me and ShoeAffliction left the event early because it was dead anyway and went to RIF-LA for our free shirts.

When we arrived there, we saw @Derrick & @Mike chillin' in front of RIF.

Kat, @Derrick, & @Mike

After that, Undefeated Silverlake.

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