Saturday, June 26, 2010


Went to RIF-LA to pick-up my check...

Jeff aka Mr. RIF-LA was giving out free shirts !! (Check the last picture below for the shirts that I got.)

Try to catch him off guard, but failed...

MannyFRESH got that facial expression, "Don't bother me... I'm eating." Hahaha. Or you can his facial expression as the new stone face. Haha.

Yogurtland > Pinkberry. (Although Pinkberry was the original yogurt place, but Yogurtland has better selections.)
Got Cookies & Cream and NY Cheesecake (Non fat) + Fruity Pebbles + Capn' Crunch + Mochi + Cookie Dough.

Again. "Don't bother me... I'm eating."

HOLD UP ART Gallery. There were lots of good pieces in there...

Finally had a chance to get Philippe's famous "French Dipped Sandwiches". (Remember, French Dip was not invented by the French, but by accident here in this sandwich restaurant.)

I guess it's a some-what normal day here because the place is not really crowded.

The counter place is really bright. It's full of neon lights.

1 cup of French Dip + Beef Sandwich. Also, got their famous spicy mustard which is possibly horse radish mixed with mustard. The smell can really sting your nose. Haha.

- LA Lemon x RIF-LA "I LOVE LA" shirts.
- RIF-LA "Black Mamba" - black-on-black print and LA Lakers colorway (yellow).


ERIC said...

how can i get my hands on a shirt ?

ILNOJ said...

^ You can buy them at RIF-LA.
They take phone orders.