Thursday, June 3, 2010


So me and Nick met up with Edwin aka UltraFlatBlack of TEAM AM FAM for some old/vintage sneaker hunting.

Before we head out, we heard that Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls was in FCLA. So we went in it was really him. Haha. He was pretty chill/cool person.

Of course, got a picture with him...

Then off to one of UltraFlatBlack's "spot". Shoe selections were from Nike-Vans-Pumas-Adidas-Saucony-Jordan(some recent), and more brands. (I just can't remember all of them.)
In order for you to find something good, you have to dig in stacks of shoe boxes, but before you can do that, you gotta ask the store owner.
Boxes of Old/Vintage Nikes. Found some shoes in my size. (Check the bottom of this post.)

And as well as Old/vintage Vans galore. Saw mostly sizes 3-6 and jumps down to 11-13. Had to dig and dig and found nothing good at all, but saw a couple of interesting pairs. There were a couple of Vanosaurs and Vans Van Doren Eras, but in those size range again. Then saw a pair of Halfcabs that's made from KOREA !!!
Couldn't take a lot of pictures because I got scared that the store owner might get mad and kick me out of the store. Haha.

More stacks.

Cream-Coffee Old skool.

Made in U.S.A.

Old Skools with "something" hair.

Authentics ? Possibly some other model.

Again. Made in U.S.A.

Random, but saw a license plate from Washington D.C.

Picked up for somebody.

Pick ups from the "spot".
Forrest Gump Nike Cortez's size 9 - BRAND NEW WITH OG BOX. Been looking everywhere for these and I did missed out on the retros.

I didn't expect to find these right here. Nike Cortez - LA Lakers-All-Star.
It was "LA" logo in the back heel & tongue, insole print is the Championships the Lakers won up to '00-'01, and clear/icy bottom sole with the same print as the insole. Yes, brand new and with OG box.

Next time, we're going earlier because we only hit up this "spot". Didn't have enough time to go to other places. Haha.


A Kid Named ETHAN said...

Where is that sneaker store at?

ILNOJ said...

Sorry can't say it...

A Kid Named ETHAN said...

Alright, any other good sneakers stores to go to?