Friday, June 4, 2010


(I think I'm probably late or not but...)
I got bored so I started watching Black Sheep Hamsters - Kia Soul commercial and for some reason, I went from Kia to Nissan. Haha.
Then I started watching this Nissan Cube commercial and I noticed that they filmed it in a familiar place - Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. And guess what, RIF-LA is in it too, but it got censored out and replaced with "shoes" (check pictures below).
If you don't recognized this place and you live in LA and a "sneakerhead" - YOU SUCK LIKE BOSTON!

Coming from S. San Pedro St.

Next door neighbor - Pinkberry.

Across the street/cross walk area.

Got replaced with "shoes"

Skip to 0:14-0:22.

Deng, I feel like I just did a free advertisement for the Nissan Cube... Haha.

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