Tuesday, January 5, 2010


How Filipinos spend their New Year's Eve.
My little brother's friends. I don't know why they keep throwing up that sign...
Every time I turn on the camera and point it at them, they will pose ! Haha.

This firecracker is a rip off because the box says 60, but there's only half or less than half inside.
There are 2 ways to light this up, either strike it like a match or just simply light it up with fire.

Trying to keep it safe because the firecrackers or fireworks here can take out a finger, a hand, or an arm.

Pose #2

Setting up the "twitties" or sky rockets.

Pose #3

Light it up.

Pose #4

I don't know what he was doing.

Sparks from the sky rockets.

More sparks from those triangle fireworks.

He tried to strike a pose, but I think those sparks were hitting him. So FAILED.

Pose #5

No pose.

This guy just jumps in the picture. Pose #6

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