Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Inside the Philippine Airlines "new" plane.
Now, each seat has it's own tv monitor/screen for each passenger. It's a touch screen, but that shit sucks !

Remote (Front side) for movie and to call a flight attendant.

Controller (Back side) for the video games, but the controls are already messed up.

My grandmother's house (where me and family usually stay when we're in the Philippines, but it was just too spooky for us.)

Took this picture somewhere in between the afternoon/evening. (The dog's eyes are glowing !)

The Honda Fit

And of course, I'm not only going on a vacation without visiting new restaurants !
Arya: The Persian Restaurant. This restaurant is in Green Hills.
Green Hills is basically the "indoor swap meet of the Philippines" and famous for cheap clothes and accessories, but all of them are fake/bootlegs !
But the other stores surrounding area are legit. I was too scared to take out the camera and snap a picture because I'm scared that somebody will snatch the camera off my hands. (NO JOKE)

Cemetery. Visiting my grandfather, grandmother, and other relatives. (Mom's side)

St. James Church. This church is being used to film a TV series in the Philippines. I forgot the name of the program.
(with flash)

(without flash)

My Uncle Jun's house. Well, the backyard.

My Uncle Butch's house.

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