Saturday, May 19, 2012


Although it seems out of place for Union to sell Nike shoes again, but it fits perfectly to the store's lifestyle or high-end stuff...

I'm just going to paraphrase/quote a friend of mine about it - "It's better for Union to sell them because if it was at NikeTown, most consumers will not buy them due to it's price tag." ($385 for the shoes and I don't know how much are the bags and jackets).

(Here's a link to look at the whole collection: Highsnobiety - Nike x Tom Sachs NIKECraft Capsule Collection)

As you can see below, jackets and bags are more suitable for the customers of Union rather than NikeTown or maybe Nike Santa Monica.

The display at Union.
I am not sure if each box is hand-written (signed) or printed. Haha.

Specially made for the Mars Yard Shoe box tag.
Added a velcro on the box.
The shoes is very light and seems comfortable. The bottom sole is similar to Nike Free.
Behind the tongue tag.
Comes with 2 sets of insoles. One of them is leather and the other one is regular, but both with prints on them.
The leather insole.
Regular insole.

Instead of regular or blank tissue paper, it has these prints on them.
Solar System.
With every purchase of the shoes, you get this booklet.
Great sketch and adding details on the shoes.

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the shoes look great!