Saturday, December 10, 2011


Arrived at RIF-LA with Drew around 5:30PM? and they were already preparing the store for the party.
Shout out to the people who reads my blog. You know who you are.

Around 6:30PM - setting up the turntables and the "bar" area.

New t-shirts.


Doors opened at 7PM, but around 6:40PM, people were already starting to show up in the store front.

I think after 5-10 minutes, a lot of people started showing up.
It got crowded inside right away and I stepped out...
Then, I missed out on the Pitfire pizza.
Murad and Dandee enjoying the Pitfire pizza.

Caught Jorge off guard. Haha.

Andre is famous for lurking around Little Tokyo and was featured in the 2 Year Anniversary shirt.

Had to move away from the door way to avoid blocking the way. I stood outside most of the time because it got too hot inside with all the body heat. Haha.
Is Zee looking at me? Haha.

Sneaker shots. (For some reason, I only have these 2 pictures. Haha.)

Jeff, Ab-Soul, and Deadline people.


Still crowded.

Point of view behind the counter/DJ.

Corner point of view.

Carrot cake?

Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

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