Sunday, December 11, 2011


I woke up quite late and arrived at New Era LA super late.
I missed out on the VIP membership card which is 30% off for 1 year. The line was too long so I went back to Fairfax to eat and hang around for a bit until the line is done.
Came back around 4PM.

New Era Los Angeles exclusives.

That upstairs room is basically where process of customizing a hat. That's if you win a session or an appointment?
A couple of apparels around the store.

Of course, there's a snapback section

If you can't afford the real snake skin bill snapbacks by Don C, New Era got this faux snake skin snapback for you...

They also have a section for collaborations...
A couple streetwear brands...

NBA Section.

New Era History corner.
There are other materials available for hats and other styles as well.

MLB section.
I want those 3 LA Dodgers World Series hats, but I don't know about the white lining inside...

New Florida Marlins hat.

TVs hanging showing the twitter feed and a couple of sports.
Register counter area.

Twitter feed on the tv screen.
You could hardly see my tweet because it's loading so slow.
" buy. Haha."

Thanks Melloe/New Era LA.

This mini hat/cap is pretty cool.

Size 4-1/4

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