Wednesday, December 1, 2010


During RIF-LA's Black Friday sale, I kept on eying these Sample Nike SB Dunk High - Koston aka "Thai Temple", but I could pull the trigger to buy 'em for 95. Also, a lot of people just kept on passing by it and not even looking at them thinking it's the same as the released pair, but it's not. Haha.
After the cleaning up the store, Jeff was giving out crazy deals. Like 3 pairs of shoes for 120 and those were worth more than 120!! So, I went ahead asked how much...
Eventually I bought them and sold them the next day.

Thanks to Jeff of RIF-LA for giving me a good deal on 'em!

The only difference between the samples and released pair is the back part of it.

The back part for the released pair, it has that grid type of patterned on 'em and it doesn't have that stitching under the tip of the swoosh.


Zyaire said...

how much you sale them for?

ILNOJ said...

Sorry they're sold already.