Friday, May 14, 2010


Left the house around 4:10PM. Arrive to Staples Center 4:something. Found parking around 5:20-30...

Staples Center. Peep the helicopter on top. I thought that was Kobe Bryant. Haha.

Chick Hearn.

Check-in line.

More paper work.

Barely setting up.

The Aston Martin car that was featured in viral video.

Pictures with the shoes.

Check-in tent.

#179 = One lucky bastard ! We were telling him that he won tickets for Game 1, but he was like "No, you're kidding right?" Until he looked up on the screen. Haha.

In line.

Hyperdunks and Zoom Kobe V's on display.

Recreating the jump with you, but of course, on the green screen.

The very expensive jacket that nobody really bother buying because the price tag is $400.
I mean if you do buy it, next thing you know it'll be in Nike Outlets or Niketown.

Aston Martin Logo consist of the Kobe-Aston Martin shoes.

Size 10 Kobe V only.

Size 9 Kobe-Aston Martin Pack.

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