Saturday, May 29, 2010


So today, my friend Nick hit me up to go to The Last Laugh's relocation sale. So I went along with him.

I've never been to The Last Laugh. So this is my first time being there and they are locating... I ask the workers, but they aren't sure where are relocating.

Estevan Oriol was present, but Mr. Cartoon was somewhere for an art show.
Some random dude, Nick, Me, and Estevan Oriol.

Since, we were at Downtown LA, we hit up Little Tokyo and especially RIF-LA for their Black Mamba T-shirts.
Manny wanted to be featured on the blog again. Haha. Well, took a RIF-LA Family picture.
Manny with his serious face...
I don't what Ed is trying to do with those SC2010 Pacqiuao Trainers...
Check out Jeff, he's on the phone trying to do work/business...

Manny smiling.
I still don't what Ed is trying to do...?
Although Jeff on the phone, he's still cheesin' it for the camera. Haha.

Amazing musician...

Musician Using Multiple Instruments at Little Tokyo, Los Angeles from ILNOJ on Vimeo.

Lunch/snack at Little Tokyo.

Picked up the famous/popular photo by Estevan Oriol - "LA Fingers" T-shirt (FINALLY GOT ONE) and RIF-LA's Black Mamba T-shirt.

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