Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Vans Syndicate - AVE/Dill pack consist of:
- Dill: Authentic = Snake skin.
- AVE: Old Skool = Cheetah.
- AVE + Dill = AV Sk8 Low.

I was going to get the Dill Authentic, but it just doesn't look right on me when I tried it on.
So, I went ahead and got the Sk8 Low. AVE Old Skool was nice too, but just got it for somebody else.

AVE + Dill Sk8 Low and Dill Old Skool.

Insoles of both Old Skool and Sk8 Low.

Released pair.
I still prefer the samples. Pictures below. (Not my pictures)

Sample Sk8 Low have snake skin insole. (Not my picture)

Sample Sk8 Low have cheetah faux fur lining under the tongue. (Not my picture)

Cheetah faux fur.

Both Sk8 Low and Old Skool have clear inner bottom sole.

Dust bag.

At first, I thought 20/21 was the number produced, but then that's way too limited. Haha.
I didn't know about the "20/21" is until OTWS member Brant enlightened members about it.
"AVE and Dill are born on the 20th and 21st of november, so they are scorpio's." - Brant of Silo (a skate shop).

Scorpion = Scorpio.

Dill & AVE.

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