Friday, March 9, 2012


I've seen the news on tv where this massive rock is making it's way to LACMA by taking the side streets from Riverside to LA.
This huge boulder is for the Levitated Mass exhibition by Michael Heizer.
Barely found out about the route that it was going to pass by Carson the night before (03/07/12 - Wednesday). Haha.
This is the route.

I started seeing these signs while I was heading to school in the morning.

On the way home, (coming from Vermont Ave.-Carson St.) I started to see lots of pick-up trucks setting up signs and cones along the way.
Of course, traffic was building up since they made the stop lights into blinking red and put stop signs in each intersection.

Around, 9:15PM, this CHP vehicle was redirect the opposite side of the street which drivers were confused because some didn't know what was going on.

Finally, it was on way.

I don't know if the seller of this car did not see/read the sign or the seller is advertising the car. Haha.

Well, I did take some up close pictures, but pictures came out blurry and some what grainy because I underestimated the speed. Haha.
It was moving faster than I thought. Haha.

Decided to follow it...

The street stop lights were turned side ways to avoid being hit by the truck.
Had to cross the cross for a better view/explanation of this. Haha.

I went down to the corner of Carson and Vermont to check-out/watch how the trucks will without any mistake.

Started turning...

I just noticed that there's 2 semi trucks were in the back to reinforce/support the back area.

Tried using the flash, but it came out like this... Reflective stuff. Haha.
(Should try to start saving for a better camera)

The huge boulder.

Me and the boulder...
"I'm a HUGE ROCK star fan." Haha.

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