Friday, November 18, 2011


My first time visiting a zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo.
Well, I went with my friend Romar for our Anthropology 101 class project which is to observe primates and write about it.
Since I was already here, might as well go around check out the other animals.

Overall, I enjoyed and was a great experience, but it was just too much walking. Haha.

A meerkat. I thought it was some kind of squirrel. Haha.

A flock of flamingos. There are 3 kinds, American (bright colored - the one in front), Chilean (mostly white ones), and Greater flamingo(?).

Nubian Ibex. Those horns are quite enormous.

I was really happy to see giraffes in person and able to see how tall/big they are.
Well, in picture, the male wants something to happen and the female is playing the hard-to-get girl. Haha.
It was quite inappropriate if it did happened because there was a lot of children around. Haha.

Fully zoomed in to capture this.

"No feeding the animals."

A chimpanzee having lunch with banana leaves.

Chimpanzee family chillin'.

Francois Langur or Francois leaf monkey. They are actually from Southeast Asia. Not from France. Haha.
Check out the info in LA Zoo website - Francois Langur

I think this hippopotamus or hippo is still young because it seems quite small for a hippo.

I don't know if you could see it, but there's a snow leopard sleeping...

Squirrel monkeys.

This one here kept on going around the cage - very active.

This jaguar was going around in circles.
I think this jaguar was messing around with the people trying to take a picture.
Everytime it gets close, it would move fast and then he slows down after it's away from the people. Haha. (That's why this picture is like in motion.

Seems like a lonely vulture.

I was amazed by actually seeing a gorilla in person.

This orangutan actually stopped literally while I was trying to take a picture.

Mother and child.

Lonely zebra...

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