Monday, July 18, 2011


This past weekend, I was finally able to visit Footage By TheCoolShoeShine
It was kind of hard to find it because it looks like the same as the other stores in the area. Haha. All I remember was "it's across from Beatnic."

I also met Rainier (@CoolShoeShine) while he was doing inventory. Very cool dude.

Store inventory is mostly update through his eBay: TheCoolShoeShine - eBay
Follow Footage's Twitter: @FootageDTF

Yeah, I was across the street when I took this picture. Couldn't get a clear shot. Haha.

Kaws half dissected Bearbrick.

Of course, the "expensive" shoes are behind the counter so people don't normally touch 'em, but then you can ask.

Walls of shoes.
That's Rainier wearing the green shirt and his staff - Andrew.

A little section for Vans. Not the wall, but in the center piece.

Finally found this Iron Maiden x Vans Sk8-Hi, but then I don't have enough money. Haha.

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