Monday, April 5, 2010


Today, I decided to go to Proper to check out the LA Angels of Anaheim x Vans Vault Chukkas. I arrived at Proper around 11:something and I thought they've already started selling them, but I was just in time.

Man, I thought the shoes/package's price was $200, but when I ask one of the workers, it was $600 !! Deng, I can't just spend that just like that. On top of that, I'm not even an Angels fan and it'll be hard to wear those because it's a white pair of shoes ! Haha. I was able to see the shoes in person, but forgot to take pictures of it.
I think overall, the shoes were great. Leather is very buttery, box/shoes/jersey got the "store name", MLB, and Vans on it, and box is numbered - "?/12".

When I got there, the infamous, Derrick or Dunagan is present.
He told me that he wanted to be on my blog so... Here you go.
(Please excuse the guy in 2 of the pictures. Haha.)

Proper put up new wallpaper out on their window.

As well as inside.

And of course, you can't celebrate the opening day for the team and shoe release without FREE FOOD !
Brought to you by Vans.

Eh, I only got 2 hot dogs because I didn't wanna stuff myself.

Also, nice meeting Scott (one of the person who bought the MLB x Vans) and Novelina(sp?) for talking about Vans and other upcoming shoes.

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