Saturday, February 6, 2010


Head out around 5:50AM/6AM because earlier (around 4AM and I was half asleep), the rain was pouring hard and along with some wind.
Chilled an 1 hour and 30 min. at Starbucks.

Outside of Starbucks.

Then headed down to Nike Town.
The guy with the camera is from ESPN and filming it for the Jordan Motorsports video.

After getting the Jordan 6 Motorsports, head down to Footlocker-House of Hoops at Beverly Center for the Zoom Kobe V's - "Bruce Lee." Oh yeah, this security lady for some odd reason won't let me take pictures... How lame is that ?!?! But I did it anyway.
I think at least 400+ people showed up for the Kobes.
-Kobe fans
-Laker fans
-In it for the hype
-Weirdos/Random/Out of place people
-Or you name it.

For example, there's this one group that's really out of place. The guy in the pink shirt and his buddies...

Jordan VI - "Motorsports"

Of course, I'm not going to miss out with the Bruce Lee's ! I also bought the Lace Up Save Lives laces to do the same thing like Shoe Affliction's Bruce Lee's. Thanks Shoe Affliction ! Haha.

And finally, my 5th Columns shirt came through the mail.
Thanks 5th Columns !

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