Thursday, October 29, 2009


Woke up late. Arrived in Fairfax around 3:ish PM. Went to Supreme first to buy their new magazine. Then to Diamond to buy a shirt. Well, I couldn't get it at first because they were being interviewed by some company and being filmed as well. While waiting outside, I met ToneyTones (he's part of Blvck Scvle and probably one of the workers in the Blvck Scvle - LA pop-up shop. He's a very chill guy). Talked to him about the pop-up shop and how I misread the opening date. (haha) Then, probably 10-15 min. passed, I was able to walk inside Diamond and buy a shirt. Bought the Diamond x Fly Society. While purchasing it, I think I was filmed/will be part of the video. (not sure though). Then, went to The Hundreds and window shopped. I couldn't buy their new Adam Bomb beanie because I didn't bring enough money.

My soundtrack going back-and-forth to Fairfax-Carson while riding 2 trains and a bus.

My pick-ups:
- 2 Supreme Magazine + Towel
- Supreme Script Big Logo Beanie
- Diamond x Fly Society shirt size L


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